Vagabond is an Inspirational Mens Hairdressing outfit in the heart of Stockbridge, Edinburgh.
Owner Paul Stewart describes his philosophy simply… 

Modern Thinking meets Classic Sensibility.

With a career spanning over 20 years in the industry, starting off with a solid grounding at Klownz in Stockbridge, polishing his skills at Cheynes and a 10 year stint at Boombarbers, Paul’s vision is clear… to offer the highest level of affordable Mens Hairdressing in a relaxed, unpretentious environment with the emphasis that each client is an individual, and every cut is precisely tailored to meet their needs. Simple.

For a man, getting their hair cut the way they want can be tough. Lack of communication, enthusiasm, knowledge, but most of all… skill.

Thankfully recent years have seen a positive shift in Mens Hairdressing with forward thinking, skilled individuals sensing the need and making those changes.

An industry with such an obvious gap finally being realised was a long time coming.